Vandalism Spree Leaves Manteca Businesses with Shattered Windows

MANTECA -- It’s a crime that is as aggravating as it is frustrating -- property damage without a motive or suspect.

Businesses in downtown Manteca are still recovering from a vandalism spree just before the holiday weekend that resulted in over half a dozen shattered windows.

Alex Hernandez opened Hats and Boots barbecue restaurant on East Yosemite Avenue Monday as usual Monday. However, the front window of his restaurant was boarded up.

His business was one of at least seven businesses in downtown Manteca that had their windows broken out just before the weekend.

"It makes me feel mad, it makes me feel sad," Hernandez said.

He opened up just six months ago, so he doesn’t need setbacks like this.

"I know for sure it’s going to be a little over a thousand dollars," Hernandez said.

For Sam Guedior, who owns Century Furniture, it was all too familiar. He’s been on East Yosemite Avenue and South Main Street for 25 years.

"Maybe six times I’ve had this happen to my store," Guedior said.

No bullets were found at any of the businesses.

"Two times I knew they were BB guns," Guedior said. "The rest, I don't think I've ever seen any bullets, fortunately, so I’m glad."

He, like other business owners, feels they were probably the victims of juveniles that were joyriding.

"I don’t think anybody with any kind of common sense and decency would do such a thing," Guedior said. "We are hard working people all of us here."

Noemi Ferguson had the front door of her hair salon broken out a week ago then three other windows were shattered early Saturday morning.

"All three windows, two separate businesses shattered, glass everywhere," Ferguson said.

She prefers to think she wasn’t targeted, especially since other businesses were hit at the same time.

"We haven’t made anybody mad so I didn’t think it was anything toward us," Ferguson said.

Police are still looking for suspects. Several of the businesses have security cameras facing the street and that will undoubtedly be part of the investigation. Of course, police would like any tips they can get from anyone who knows something.

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