‘Do Not be a Filthy, Dirty, Nasty Pig:’ Woodland Man Defends Signs Directed at Homeless

WOODLAND -- Several signs displayed in a Woodland business are stirring up controversy.

They are directed at the homeless, asking them not to panhandle or urinate near businesses.

Stephen Chaudhry made and displayed the warning signs at his offices inside the Shade Tree Plaza in Woodland.

"'Do not be a filthy, dirty, nasty pig! Please do not litter, leave your garbage here or illegally dump your trash here! You wouldn’t do it at home, so don’t do it here!" one of the signs reads.

Chaudhry says the signs come from a good place.

"I just want Woodland to be a safe city for everybody, including transients and homeless," he said.

As a security guard at the strip mall and others, Chaudhry says he’s been dealing with the homeless for years. He often gives them free drinks and pamphlets telling them where to get help.

But he says Woodland’s transient population has more than tripled in the past decade.

"They’re calling Woodland the 'Hilton for the homeless' because there’s so many freebie things in Woodland and they’re very easy to get to," Chaudhry said.

That’s why Chaudhry says he wants to encourage citizens to not let them take over the streets.

"Woodland has thousands of good people! If you are a tweeker (sic) and wish to do crimes in our city, we are not scared of you," reads another one of Chaudhry's signs.

However, the signs link to his website, which sells weapons like pepper spray and stun guns. He says he is not promoting violence against the homeless.

But those signs may be lost on the people who are supposed to be reading them. FOX40 asked a homeless man what he thought of the messages.

"They’re assuming that that one person is like everyone else and I don’t agree with that," he said. "I ain't no thief, I ain't no robber, I ain't nothing like that."

Chaudhry says he has hired many homeless to work for him and has offered to buy bus tickets for some. But bottom line, he says he posted the signs to get people to start talking about the problem.