Lodi Mom Creates Ride-Sharing Service for Kids

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LODI — Between school, sports practice and dance lessons, being a parent can sometimes feel like being a chauffeur.

It gets particularly tough when your work schedule presents conflicts, which is why Lodi mom Jade Watts created a ride-sharing service to help other parents.

Watts knows exactly what being a busy parent is like.

“I have five boys of my own,” she said.

When Watts was working, she was constantly juggling her own schedule with her sons’.

“How am I going to get my kids to school? How am I going to get my kid to daycare? Or to grandma’s house?” she said.

Now that she stays home, she tries to lend a hand where she can.

“I was helping out a friend. And she had asked me if I would be able to pick up her two boys from school,” Watts told FOX40 “And I thought, yeah, I’m a stay at home mom so I could definitely help her out. And then I was thinking, why not help more moms out?”

So Watts started Weebee’s Transportation. All you have to do is call, text or Facebook message her, and she’ll pick up your kids for you.

“For the children, I wanted to make it a little more of a personal experience. Because you’re dealing with somebody’s child. That’s their world,” she said.

Watts tries to meet with parents and kids ahead of time and gets out of the car to make sure children make it inside safely.

“Uber you know, you order it on your phone and five to 10 minutes later you don’t know whose car you’re getting into,” Watts said. “You don’t know the person and that’s OK for adults. But it’s not OK for kids.”

Uber also has a policy against picking up minors on their own.

Watts says she has a business license and insurance. She can also show parents a background check.

“So I wanted to give them an option that’s safe, dependable and reliable,” she told FOX40. “And that the kids will also enjoy too where they won’t be nervous or scared or hesitant.”

You can reach Watts at (209) 479-4651 or message her on Facebook at @weebeetransportation.

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