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Placer County Residents Begin to Return Home as Sliger Fire Progress Halts

PLACER COUNTY -- On Wednesday, the forward progress of the Sliger Fire near Georgetown had halted.

Residents on both sides of the American River breathed easier Wednesday evening.

At a community meeting in Foresthill, residents showed their respect for firefighters with a standing ovation.

Still, there were questions. One gentleman asked if Cal Fire could make updated fire maps more easily accessible to the public.

"When you're kind of on eggshells and you're watching it constantly and the ash is falling on your deck. And you really want to have up to the minute status," he said.

Cal Fire Deputy Chief Brian Estes explained updated fire mapping can take time because it requires boots on the ground walking every single step of the burned area. The lines of this fire are also extremely difficult to access.

"In a little bit of defense to the guys in El Dorado County, they just got down to the river like six hours ago," Estes explained to the residents.

The Placer County Sheriff's Office met their goal to allow residents to go back home on Wednesday night. Mandatory orders were lifted and advisory orders took their place.

"I can give you my absolute promise that all of us up here are working as hard as we can to establish some normality back to the Foresthill divide," Estes said.

The cause of the Sliger Fire is under investigation. Cal Fire says it started within a quarter mile of the American River on Sliger Mine Road.