Activists Question the Way Officers Involved in Darell Richards Shooting Responded to Incident

SACRAMENTO -- A 19-year-old -- masked and armed with a pellet gun – was shot and killed by Sacramento police officers.

Photos show a different side of Darell Richards: a smiling 19-year-old. He is described by those who knew him as a loving person.

In 911 calls released by the Sacramento Police Department - you can hear fear and concern from people in the area who saw Richards, masked and armed with a pellet gun.

"He’s walking around carrying a gun and pointing it at people he just pointed at me and two other coworkers," said a 911 caller.

Sac PD says Richards pointed that gun at officers - before those officers fired at him.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) organized a vigil to honor Richards’ life and to help loved ones grieve.

"The mom is devastated; he has an ex-girlfriend that’s devastated. The girlfriend’s family is devastated. He had a lot of people that cared about him," said Tanya Faison with BLM Sacramento.

Court documents show earlier this summer, Richards was arrested on two felonies for assaulting a minor with a wooden club. A family member described the incident to FOX40 as a "scuffle Darell had with his brother."

The Sacramento District Attorney’s Office says he was released on bail in late July.

Documents show - his attorneys claimed he had a mental health disorder.

Still - activists say he should have had his day in court - instead of being killed.

"There’s times where you see law enforcement detain somebody who just shot up a church or a movie theater and they’re detained without a scratch and here we have an 18, 19-year-old boy who they had to kill," Faison said.

The two Sacramento police officers involved in the shooting are 11 and 17-year veterans of the department.

They are on paid administrative leave.

The department is required to release all video and audio of the incident within 30 days.