Parents Outraged after Youth Soccer Team Gets Suspended for 99 Games

SACRAMENTO -- Parents, coaches and players from one Sacramento youth soccer team are outraged after finding out their team is suspended for the season.

The news came out one week after they say a verbal altercation took place between a referee and players at the Natomas High School soccer field .

Friday, coaches, parents and the players confronted members of the Natomas Youth Soccer League as they were holding a meeting.

More than two dozen members of the team and their families came to the meeting - all wanting answers.

But they were met with slammed doors and resistance - and little answers about why the entire team is being suspended.

“It makes me mad that I can’t play for a year or so,” expressed Julian Rico.

Rico is one of several players on the Natomas Youth Soccer League team facing suspension.

“Some players weren’t even playing at the time and they’re getting suspended too,” said Rico.

Some players are saying the referee grabbed one player and verbally assaulted him.

“And for the board not to back us up or help us out or appealing these 99 game suspensions for some of these boys is not right,” said Mayra Flores, team manager.

The Natomas Youth Soccer League sent out a letter to parents detailing the suspensions -they say was handed down by NorCal - the premier league overseeing the team.

Several players - including some not on the field at the time - were issued lengthy suspensions.

“If they are in fact guilty for what they did, so be it, but give them the benefit of the doubt, give them a chance to defend themselves,” said Adrian Castillo, former coach.

Now, these parents and team members are demanding answers for these youth soccer players following their dreams.

“That really does hurt them because as a team they’ve developed so much,” said Flores.

According to the letter sent out by league officials - the referee involved in the incident will no longer be refereeing for the Natomas league.

The letter also says the league will be holding a meeting with parents next week to hopefully answer questions about the suspension.

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