Stephon Clark Family Seeking Millions of Dollars in Damages from the City

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SACRAMENTO -- The family of Stephon Clark is seeking $35 million in damages from the city for his death.

The city announced the claim the same day Sacramento police fatally shot another person they say had a gun. It's unclear whether the man aimed or fired at officers before they killed him. A police spokesman says a gun was found next to him.

The action is not a lawsuit, but a government claim form process that must be completed first.

If the entire amount is awarded it will split among the family in two ways: $20 million will go towards Clark's two children and $15 million towards Clark's grandparents, according to the Sacramento Bee.

It was back in March when two officers chased Clark into his grandmother's backyard and gunned down the 22-year-old after it was believed he had a gun. It was later found out that he only had a cell phone.

The Clark family is asking for $35 million but it's unclear whether they’d get the whole amount.

In other cases, the family of Michael Brown received $1.5 million from the city of Ferguson and Eric Garner's family's claim against New York City got them $5.9 million.

This is likely to be a long process for the family with this claim and a possible lawsuit to follow.

For those two officers involved in Clark's shooting, they are back at work. Nearly seven months after the shooting, District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert has yet to make a decision on whether or not the officers would be charged.


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