HIGHLIGHTS: Final Quarter Sept. 8

Bret Harte at El Dorado

16-21 El Dorado Wins

Florin at Laguna Creek

12-40 Laguna Creek Wins

Amador at Union Mine

55-28 Amador Wins

Delta at San Juan

29-35 San Juan Wins

Cordova at Rosemont

35-32 Cordova Wins

East Nicolaus at Bradshaw Christian 

42-22 East Nicolaus Wins

Consumnes Oaks at Monterey Trail

28-63 Consumnes Oaks Wins

Shasta at Elk Grove

7-46 Elk Grove Wins

Burbank at Del Campo

35-7 Burbank Wins

Fan Favorite Game of the Week: 

Whitney at Lincoln

30-0 Lincoln Wins

Center at El Camino

41-21 Center Wins

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