City Council Meeting Comes to Early Close Amid Activists’ Screams for Justice

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SACRAMENTO -- Again Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg brought the gavel down early on a City Council meeting in the face of frustrated outcries.

Angry speakers addressed what they call a racist Sacramento police force that has already killed Stephon Clark and Darell Richards in the last nine months.

"All of those protests they have weekly three times a week, those could all be stopped and those people could have a rest if they would just convict the police officers and let justice take place," said Sacramento resident Suzanne Galanis-Shah.

Richards was killed one week ago after 911 callers reported an armed, masked man running through backyards overnight in Curtis Park.

The mask was a medical one and the weapon a pellet gun. But, according to officers on scene, the 19-year-old didn't put it down when commanded and actually pointed it at them.

Still, for a young man having a mental crisis, activists say there should have been a non-lethal response and a chance to live, like what was afforded a white young man a few days later.

"He was able to throw two handguns out of his window and he was able to get detained and arrested and brought to the jail and call his father," said Tanya Faison, the founder of the Sacramento chapter of Black Lives Matter.

"I can't pre-judge exactly the circumstances of either situation because there hasn't even begun to be the kind of investigation that the public has the right to expect," Steinberg told FOX40.

With pain in the community over the latest police killing of a young black man and the unresolved ones that came before, the mayor says in meetings passion and procedure must fairly co-exist.

"It's a balance but there's a line," Steinberg said.

Those grieving and grasping for justice say otherwise.

"I kind of have to laugh at the whole concept of decorum, you know, when there are people who are dying in our streets and they are young black men," said Sacramento resident Vicki Davis.

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