More Work to be Done as Problems Plague I-5

SACRAMENTO -- Two weeks ago on northbound Interstate 5 near downtown Sacramento, dozens of cars were damaged by a monster two–foot pothole.

Ever since Caltrans has been working to patch the problem. But they’ve also been looking for more spots potholes could develop on I-5.

"What our inspectors uncovered were that there are about 70 slabs that could potentially become pothole areas, that could develop like Richards Boulevard did," said Dennis Keaton with Caltrans.

Those are on top of the 230 or so slabs Caltrans is already replacing around Richards Boulevard.

But the new trouble spots are on the other side, on southbound I-5, and they are south of downtown toward Pocket Road.

Caltrans says it is all a symptom of the same thing -- a highway constructed 45 years ago that sees about 100,000 cars every day.

Now, it all has to be fixed. Caltrans says they are in the process of scheduling lane closures and replacement for those additional 70 slabs inspectors now deem unreliable.