Sac High’s Top Administrator Resigns, Accuses School of Neglecting Students

SACRAMENTO -- Sacramento High School's top administrator has resigned, saying the charter school's leadership has been neglecting students.

Meanwhile, after days of protests, students who have staged walkouts have returned to class after some of their demands were met. But Jake Mossawir, the CEO of St. Hope, the organization that runs the school, warns that some of the deeper issues at the school remain.

It's a fix he says won't happen overnight.

Mossawir says the 250 or so students out of 700 who were protesting have returned to class. The students were protesting the dismissal of many teachers and staff of color, the dress code and phone use policies.

Mossawir also says no teachers were laid off, but some had quit.

Students also told FOX40 that they felt rushed off campus once school let out for the day -- which Mossawir says has been resolved.

Meanwhile, Christina Smith, the administrator who resigned this week, says school leaders had a history of neglecting students -- and officials originally did not want to listen to students' demands at all.

"I think for many years now, at this point, our administration has not looked to those who care most -- the students, the families, the teachers and staff," Smith told FOX40 by phone.

Mossawir says he is setting up a framework to better communicate with students.