Personnel From Travis Air Force Base are Being Deployed to Aid in the Carolinas Amid Storm Florence

FAIRFIELD — In response to the deadly hurricane impacting several Mid-Atlantic states, crews from all across California are heading east to help.

The latest crews to be sent out? Medical personnel from Travis Air Force Base (TAFB).

Crews just found out Friday they’re being deployed.

They found out they will be flying out, then “standing by” at an Illinois air force base – to offer medical help.

Hurricane Florence is unleashing damaging winds and flooding across the Carolinas.

“Four teams of three personnel will be leaving tomorrow morning to be closer to the disaster area,” said Lyndsey Horn, TAFB Public Affairs.

Dr. Nathan Anderson is one of the crew members flying out Saturday morning.

“What we do is evacuate people from hospital settings,” said Anderson.

The crew consisting of mostly medical personnel – are headed to Scott Air Force Base in Illinois where medical equipment and cargo aircrafts are being prepped to help in states hit the hardest.

“In hospitals that are without power, to adequately provide for those patients,” said Anderson.

Hurricane Florence has already proven to be deadly; something crews here have seen from the devastating aftermath of recent natural disasters.

“We started with Hurricane Harvey, to Hurricane Irma, to the earthquake in Mexico to Hurricane Maria, running 24/7 operations,” said Horn.

While crews say they’re prepared to offer aid, they’re “standing by” for that call to help.

“If they need Air Force personnel to help them move cargo in and out, then they’ll be there longer,” Horn said.

Along with medical personnel, additional crews were sent to help control both military and civilian air traffic in the hardest hit areas.

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