Volunteers From Sacramento are Helping Evacuees as Tropical Storm Florence Drenches the Southeast

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SACRAMENTO -- As Tropical Storm Florence drenches the southeast, emergency crews from all over the country are lending a hand.

Twenty-three volunteers from the local Red Cross are spread all over the Carolinas. Right now, they are focused on running shelters for thousands of evacuees across the Southeast.

All evacuees can do is watch and wait.

“We’ve got many prayers going,” evacuee Chelsea Bowery said.

Bowery evacuated her house in Snead’s Ferry North Carolina with her husband and 3-year-old son.

“I asked a couple people in the area if they knew about Snead’s Ferry, and they replied with, ‘It’s underwater.’ So that was a little scary to hear,” said Bowery.

She doesn’t know if she’ll have a house to come back to.

“This is something I’ve never felt before. It’s scary. It’s awful. We moved into our house two months ago. Just knowing that the work we put into it...finally having our first home. It might already be gone,” Bowery said.

She’s waiting out the storm in Illinois with family but not all evacuees have somewhere to go.

That’s why the Red Cross has opened more than 200 shelters across the Southeast, mostly in North and South Carolina.

“We’re there to basically make sure that when these people get to the shelter, they are safe, they have the comfort they need. They have a place to sleep. Things like that,” said Stephen Walsh, Communications Director for Golden Country Region of the Red Cross.

The 23 volunteers from the Sacramento region are in North and South Carolina right now helping at those shelters; they’re expecting to be there at least 2 weeks.

“You’re helping anybody that comes up to you, to say ‘I need this, or I need that,’” said Walsh.

A gesture that restores Bowery’s faith.

“I just think it’s amazing watching people from different states come together and really help,” Bowery said.

The Red Cross is ready to send more people from our area in the coming weeks if help is needed.

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