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Elk Grove Council Members Voice Concerns After Local Rapper is Given Key to the City

ELK GROVE - A controversial artist’s lyrics and right to hold the key to the city are at the forefront of the latest Elk Grove city council meeting.

The city of Elk Grove sent out a press release back in August saying hip-hop artist Saweetie, a Monterey Trail High School graduate, was the latest recipient of the prestigious honor.

Saweetie is just now climbing her way up the charts as a hip-hop artist.

And she’s the first to musical artist to be honored with a key.

But the decision has many questioning if she should be considered based on controversial lyrics.

“Just the fact that she’s a female, kind of vibe with her music,” said Saweeties fan, Issis Bell.

“For her coming from Elk Grove it’s not like it’s a bad thing for her to be on a billboard,” said Isaiah Winston who says he knows Saweetie.

The city of Elk Grove announced the decision back on August 31st to award Diamonté Harper, whose artist name is Saweetie, the honor.

Something many on the city board questioned at a recent council meeting.

“I received an email complaint referencing the tenor of that entertainer, and the tone of her art,” said Patrick Hume.

Several council members including councilman Patrick Hume and councilwoman Stephanie Nguyen voiced concerns over controversial lyrics.

“I find the language and the content of her songs generally offensive,” said Hume.

Nguyen said Saweetie “also encourages young folks that what’s she is saying out there is OK.”

The artist issued a statement to the city after receiving the key; saying, “I’m honored, living in Elk Grove has really shaped me.”

The vice mayor of Elk Grove, Darren Suen, said “I had to take a step back, to some people this is art.”

While some in city chambers have their doubts - people in Elk Grove say everyone deserves a chance.

“Just a couple of lyrics,” said Sacramento resident, Derrick Rogers. “She’s a product of Elk Grove. We should acknowledge that.”

Now, the mayor went on to say at the meeting that the decision was based off students’ response to the artist. She was supposed to be given the key last week at an event but canceled.

FOX40 attempted to reach out to the artist and several council members Saturday but have not heard back yet.