Sac State Students Stressed Out by Apartment Complex’s Lack of Parking

SACRAMENTO -- People who live at The Crossings Student Living near Sacramento State are angry the apartment complex does not have enough parking spaces for residents.

"How is a thousand people with a thousand cars going to fit in 50 (parking spots)?" said resident Armani Osborne. "That’s just not going to work.”

Some residents tell FOX40 even with a parking permit their cars have been towed by the property managers. They say there’s also absolutely no guest parking, a fact they were not told when they signed their lease.

The city does not allow overnight parking on Ramona Avenue, where the apartment complex is located, which means residents have to park a half-mile away on Cucamonga Avenue.

"We have to park like 15, 20 minutes away and you know I work at a bar, so I don’t get off 'til 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock in the morning," said resident Anna Romero. "So walking all the way to the apartments, it sucks."

"The problem with Cucamonga though is this street is prone to, you know, car break-ins," said resident Wes Holloway.

Carlene Hibdon, who lives on Cucamonga Avenue, says getting out of her driveway has been a nightmare. With all the parked cars she can’t see if anyone is coming or not. So she’s put her trashcans out every night.

"If my waste can isn’t there someone else will park in front of that pickup," Hibdon pointed out on Sunday.

Hibdon says people will also park in front of a nearby fire hydrant almost daily as a result of the congested streets.

Back at the apartments residents told FOX40 all the parking spaces have been sold out and there have still been problems.

While residents want the apartment complex to add more spaces, Hibdon says there is a simpler solution. The apartment managers should contact Sacramento State, she says, which owns a currently unused parking lot on Ramona Avenue.

A person in the complex's leasing office said they would not comment on the matter.

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