Security App Catches Thief Stealing Package Minutes after It’s Delivered

MODESTO -- At first, Kelly Cadinha's security system app notified her the mailman had dropped off the hats she had ordered for her son.

But a few minutes later there came a shocking notification -- someone else was at her door.

"But then I get another alert that someone with a white shirt is on my porch ... So I look and, sure enough, the package is gone," Cadinha recalled. "So I go back and look at the recordings and someone stole my package off the porch. Not only my package but my mail too."

When Cadinha checked her security footage she saw a woman first taking her mail then the box before shuffling away to a silver truck.

But Cadinha says that was not the end of it. As her family was getting home she says they drove past that very truck with the people inside sporting their bounty.

"So, actually, when we turned in to come down our street, when we got home and ready to make a report, we saw the truck. And we go by it and, sure enough, they are wearing the items they took off our porch," Cadinha said.

Cadinha says confronting the two in the truck was too risky, so they didn’t.

She also thinks the thieves followed the mailman Wednesday morning because the package was stolen just minutes after it was dropped off.

After sharing the video on her social media accounts the family hopes the thieves get caught. Meanwhile, they will just have to deal with the frustration of it all.

"If you didn't buy it, it's not yours," Cadinha said. "Leave it alone."

Cadinha did meet with police right before FOX40 interviewed her. If you happen to recognize the truck or the woman in the video let Modesto police know.

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