‘Share Your Spare:’ Manteca Family Goes to Disneyland to Find a Kidney Donor

MANTECA -- It’s considered a place where wishes come true and this past week a Manteca man took his greatest wish, his search for a kidney, to Disneyland.

From the streets of Manteca to the colorful City of Anaheim, no place is too big or too small for the Ballou family’s message.

"Share your spare," said Lawrence Ballou. "They have an extra kidney, I mean they’re using it, but someone else needs it more than they do."

Ballou was diagnosed with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis in 1998.

"What happens is the kidneys destroy themselves, they tear themselves apart," he explained.

In 2001, his father donated one of his kidneys. But this past summer the organ began to fail.

"We were in the doctor's office and she actually told us we need to start dialysis," said Ballou's wife, Lindsey. "It was like getting punched in the stomach."

He’s now on the search that could save his life.

"I’ll get to resume a normal life schedule, play with my kids, things like that," Lawrence Ballou told FOX40.

Rather than wait for years his sister-in-law, Traci Aycock, had another idea. Why not ask for one at the happiest place on earth.

"Thought this is probably the best place. There’s so many people. It’s a magical place," Aycock said.

With the help of some colorful T-shirts, 10 of Lawrence Ballou's loved ones asked thousands of strangers to "be his match."

Lawrence Ballou says since then pictures of their outfits have gone viral.

They believe they will find a donor and when they do, they’ll make new shirts that say, "We found a match." Then they plan to wear the new shirts at Disneyland.

The attention has been welcomed and the family hopes that even more lives will be saved.

"It’s awesome getting the recognition but I could only get one, I can’t get 1,600," Lawrence Ballou said.

The family plans to wear the shirts again at an upcoming San Jose Sharks game.

If you believe you can help Lawrence Ballou he’s urging potential donors to contact him at 925-337-6316 or got to UCSF Medical Center's Living Kidney Donor Program site.

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