California Capital Airshow Returns to Mather Field

MATHER FIELD -- It's an event that pairs aviation history with exciting aerial stunts and this year, there's more to see at Mather Field than ever before.

The California Capital Air Show is back and there are plenty of things to do and see this weekend at Mather airport. Here are some of this year's new attractions:

It looks like Air Force One but, this super modified 747 is called the Doomsday Plane.

It usually carries the Secretary of State-- but it's equipped with heavy equipment to become an airborne operations center in the event of a national crisis.

Also new to the air show this year, the most advanced fighter planes in the Air Force.

These planes can travel at 1.6 times the speed of sound -- and they're sure to wow the crowds below.

"Not only is it the newest, most advanced technology-wise, but it also has the largest engine that's ever been put in a fighter jet anywhere in the world, so one of our favorite things to showcase is just the raw power, and what comes with that, a lot of noise as well, so one of the favorites for the air show crowds," said Tony Zelasko, F-35 Air Force Pilot.

And the Thunderbirds are back at Mather for the first time since 2015.

The pilots will fly F-16s just three feet apart in perfect formation.

"It's a total team effort from everybody here on the ground to us up in the air. It takes lots of practice, lots of concentration obviously, but it's really a team effort to get this done for what you're going to see this weekend," a pilot said.

But the biggest milestone this year isn’t a plane at all.

Mather is turning 100 years old and they have a full exhibit showcasing the airport's rich history.

So, there's certainly something for everyone at this weekend's California Capital Air Show. If you’re planning to attend and check out Mather airport, and be sure to stop by the FOX40 lounge and say 'hi'!

The 'Airshow After Dark' is back this year as well. Planes will light up the night just after sunset and skydivers will have pyrotechnics strapped to them.

Wonder Bread 5 will also be performing Friday night.

And the air show picks back up Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m.

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