50 Years of 40: KTXL Celebrates 5 Decades

KTXL began in October 1968 as a small independent television station known back then as TV 40.

First, let’s talk about the beginning of KTXL and our early programming — including Captain Mitch and the TV 40 Big Movie.

Of course, we can't talk about the early days of KTXL without bringing up Big Time Wrestling.

We launched our first newscast in 1974, and our news operations have grown ever since.

We've covered some big stories in our history - fires, earthquakes, hostage crises, the emergency at the Oroville Dam and, perhaps our biggest, the East Area Rapist case. FOX40 was the first to report an arrest in the investigation.

Of course, FOX40 wouldn't be what it is without our amazing staff. Let's hear from four of our most veteran staffers -- Jim Crandell, Kristina Werner, Lonnie Wong and Rowena Shaddox.

Thank you for being with us for the five decades. We'll be here for you for decades to come.