Suspected NorCal Rapist Appears in Court with Victims in Attendance

SACRAMENTO -- Roy Waller, the accused NorCal Rapist, appeared before a judge for the first time on Monday.

The arraignment was short, but Waller could be seen shaking his head as the judge read aloud the charges against him.

Some of Waller's alleged victims were also in the room. They say they're glad their alleged attacker has been captured, but it wasn't easy to see him face to face.

"That was the first time since Friday that I felt angry," victim Nicole Earnest-Payte said. "It was the first time that I finally thought, 'Yeah, there you are. And you look rather pathetic.'"

Earnest-Payte says she was the first victim of the NorCal Rapist. She was attacked in her Rohnert Park home back in 1991, when she was 21.

"I went to bed at night, fell asleep on my couch," she said. "I woke up with a gun to my head by a masked man."

She says she came to Sacramento all the way from Sonoma County in order to see Waller's face as the judge read aloud the charges against him.

"I've been waiting every day of my life for 27 years for this moment, and I wasn’t going to miss it," she said. "I was not going to miss it."

Waller's court-appointed attorney, Joseph Farina, says he still hasn't spoken to Waller. In fact, he wasn't given much warning that Waller was going to be his client.

"I turned my car around and got down here in 15 minutes, which had to be a new land speed record, but found out about 30, 45 minutes ago," he told FOX40.

Farina says he has handled several sex crime cases before. He adds that DNA evidence is not always enough to convict.

"The thing with DNA is it doesn't tell you that’s the person," Farina said.

Roslyn Anderson was attacked by the NorCal Rapist suspect in Chico back in 1997. She says seeing Waller was tough but it also came with a sense of relief.

"He looked at me and he looked at me with probably more fear than I ever had," Anderson said. "Relief that he’s been caught. My entire thing for a long time was I didn’t want it to happen to anyone else."

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