Electric Scooters’ Popularity Zooming Along in Tahoe

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE -- When in Tahoe, electric scooters are hard to miss.

After a trial run last year, hundreds of them have been in use around the south shore since the spring.

They are a popular way to get around for tourists and locals.

"They are just really convenient and easy to use and when you don’t have a license, like me, it's great" said David Montes. "It really speeds up your travels."

"I see plenty of locals, plenty of us running around getting them," said Keenan Corrigan. "I see people going to work and back. Some people going to their meetings and back."

Other cities have not been so receptive. This weekend in San Jose, a run and ride event banned electric scooters, although they were still on the streets.

Tahoe does have some of the issues other cities do, like people not leaving them where they are supposed to. The scooters' speeds of up to 15 miles an hour also mean safety can be a concern.

However, some say the positives are outweighing the negatives.

"Maybe even urban areas can learn some of the stuff we’ve learned up here in Tahoe," said Jesse Patterson with Keep Tahoe Blue.

Patterson says since its launch about four months ago, Lime electric scooters have logged more than 200,000 miles in the area. For comparison, it took the city of Miami a year to reach a collective 100,000 miles.

Patterson believes Tahoe has been more welcoming to electric scooters because people go there to have fun.

"A lot of people are in sort of vacation time when they're up here," he told FOX40. "A little more relaxed and cruisin', rather than an urban area where these might be getting in the way and causing some conflicts there."

Others think it's just technology that takes away from some decent exercise.

"Why not dish out money for a bike and do the work yourself, do your thing? I mean better for you anyway, healthier," said Audi Maze, who rides a bicycle to get around.

But if you live in Sacramento don’t expect electric scooters to come to your city anytime soon. Sacramento requires parking stations for its electric scooters and bikes and the kind of scooters used in Tahoe don’t have any.

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