Restaurant Fundraiser for Deputy Stasyuk’s Family Attracts Large Crowds

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RANCHO CORDOVA -- Brookfields Restaurant in Rancho Cordova was packed with customers Tuesday night in response to a fundraiser for the family of fallen Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Stasyuk.

Ten percent of all sales between the hours of 4 and 10 p.m. were donated to the family.

"When I had surgery he helped me with my scooter up the ramp," said customer Sue Olivas, one of many people in attendance who had had positive encounters with Deputy Stasyuk. "He meant a lot to a lot of people."

The dinner event, decorated with blue ribbons and balloons, was also a show of support for every member of local law enforcement.

"We wanted to let them know that as a community we stand behind them," said Darlene Williams, a Brookfields server and supervisor who helped organize the fundraiser. "We're here for them and we love and respect each and every one of them."

The event was very personal for Williams. She is married to a retired deputy.

She used to wait on Deputy Stasyuk and a group of his co-workers who came into Brookfields for breakfast every Sunday. She described Stasyuk as always nice, sweet, friendly and smiling.

Williams was heartbroken by the loss and motivated to do something to help the family.

The Brookfields fundraiser, and others like it, were steps toward healing for the Rancho Cordova community.

"This community in itself has just poured out the appreciation of their officers," said retired Sacramento Sheriff's Department Lt. Richard Madrigal.

Madrigal, who attended Tuesday's fundraiser with his family, mourned several co-workers during his 39-year law enforcement career.

"You feel it immensely," Madrigal explained. "I mean, it's very emotional for all of us."

Madrigal was moved at the sight of the restaurant full of people who came out for the fundraiser.

"It gives all of our officers an appreciation for the community when it shows itself this way, coming out to support us, coming out to support our fallen heroes, coming out to support Mark and his family," Madrigal said.

"I am amazed by all the blue ribbons I see," Williams said. "Just all the support that they are getting, I am amazed and I'm just so happy. But it's sad that such a tragedy had to happen in order to get this kind of support."

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