Governor Signs Police Reform Bills, Aimed at Increasing Transparency

SACRAMENTO -- Gov. Jerry Brown signed two bills Sunday proponents say will lead to more transparency in police investigations.

Senate Bill 1421 requires public access to internal police investigations when someone is killed or seriously wounded by law enforcement. The other, Assembly Bill 748, requires law enforcement to release audio or video of an incident within 45 days, but only if doing so doesn't hamper the ongoing investigation.

Sunday's signings were a positive step, says Black Lives Matter Sacramento Founder Tanya Faison.

"Both of them, if people abide by them, if the law enforcement agencies in California abide by them in the way they are supposed to, then we can see a lot of progress we haven't been able to see in a long time," Faison said.

Opponents say the new laws could potentially jeopardize prosecution and allow law enforcement officers to become targets when information is made public.

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