ACLU Demands Activists be Heard at City Council Meetings

SACRAMENTO -- There's a kind of speech that's been a point of contention inside Sacramento City Council chambers for months as activists shared their outrage over the city's response to police killings of young black men.

People using profanity have had their public comment time cut off or have been removed from chambers.

Tuesday night, members of the Sacramento chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union came to City Hall to tell the council that what they've been doing is unconstitutional.

One read a quote from Founding Father and fourth U.S. President James Madison.

"'But, in the end, it is the people and only the people who rule. And for the people to rule wisely, they have to be able to communicate with one another freely without fear of reprisal,'" said ACLU co-chair Danessa Atiles.

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