Donors Help Emotional Support Dog Get Life-Saving Surgery

Update: By Thursday, the family said they had received enough donations to help Bella.

SACRAMENTO -- A Sacramento family's emotional support dog needs potentially life-saving surgery.

Two-year-old Saint Bernard, Bellaluna, is suffering from a rapidly growing mass in one of her feet.

"She's not just a dog, she's part of the family," explained Bellaluna's owner, Cheryl Bonner.

Bonner's husband, Matt, once a high school and college football standout, has been having a hard time ever since he got into a motorcycle accident.

"Five years ago they discovered he has CTE and he is in early dementia," Bonner explained. "So he is not working."

Bonner's son also has special needs. He was born oxygen-deprived.

Bella has been an enormous support for the family. Bonner says her husband has shown improvements.

"He has very hard days, but we've noticed him coming out of his shell a little bit, being a little bit calmer since we got Bella two-and-a-half years ago," she said.

Her son Logan also relies on the support Bellaluna lovingly provides.

"If he's having a bad day and needs to go in his room, she will climb up on his bed and just lay next to him," said Bonner.

Bella needs surgery to remove the mass that is growing in her left hind foot before it's too late and a biopsy to determine whether the mass is cancerous.

"It would be very difficult for Bella if she loses her leg," Bonner explained. "We would probably have to put her to sleep."

The surgery and aftercare will cost $2,000 or more and the family could not afford it. So, they reached out to the public.

"We're just hoping that people see Bella and know that she's important and she's part of our family and think she deserves a chance," Bonner said.

By Thursday, the family said they had received enough donations to help Bella.

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