Racist Graffiti Found in Bathroom at Sacramento City College, Students Protest

SACRAMENTO -- Students at Sacramento City College held a protest on campus Tuesday after racist graffiti was found in one of the men's restrooms.

Death threats, swastikas and racial slurs were scrawled all over the restroom walls and mirrors.

Police are investigating and custodians painted over the graffiti but students say that’s not enough.

"I'm worried about failing my classes because I'm going to be worried about if the person next to me is the one who did it," said student Queen Jones. "Am I going to get my throat slit?"

Dozens of students gathered for a protest outside of the bathroom Tuesday, upset not just by the hateful messages but also the administrators' response to the situation.

"There should have been an immediate message letting students know that somebody issued a death threat and a hate crime," said student Joshua Robinson.

Robinson claims they reported the graffiti to campus police on Saturday. But the administration did not send out an email alert to students until Tuesday morning.

"The college did not respond appropriately," said Sacramento City College President Michael Gutierrez.

Gutierrez came out Tuesday to talk with the student protesters. He says he sent out the alert as soon as he knew about the incident.

"I understand why you are upset," Gutierrez told the students. "I would be upset too. I am upset about what happened and I wish I would have known earlier but I did not."

He says the administration is hoping to learn from the incident and streamline communication moving forward.

Police are investigating who’s responsible for the graffiti. The campus president says that if it is a student, they will be expelled and could face criminal charges.

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