Stockton Robbery Victim Dies after Holding on to Car Thief was Driving

STOCKTON -- What started out as a robbery outside of a strip club in Stockton ended with a man dead and another man on the run Tuesday night.

It was nearly closing time at Deja Vu, a Stockton gentleman’s club, when deputies got reports of a robbery happening in the parking lot.

Soon after, a sheriff's spokesman confirms the victim who was robbed grabbed on to the car the thief was driving away in. He held on for half a mile until the car reached the intersection at Bianchi Road.

Stockton police officers found the victim dead in the roadway.

"That place has just been a real bad, negative environment for us here at the church," said Guillermo Lopez.

Lopez is the pastor at West Coast World Outreach Church, which sits right across the street from Deja Vu. He says violence, crime, even the sound of gunshots have become all too familiar in his congregation since Deja Vu opened.

"We told the county it’s a bad situation, especially across the street from a church. They didn’t listen to us and now we’re having to deal with this today," Lopez told FOX40. "And it’s a bad situation for the person who passed away and whoever got robbed. It’s not a good thing."

Lopez specifically remembered the terror he felt back in 2015, when a shootout broke out between two rival biker gangs in Deja Vu’s parking lot. None of his congregants were hurt then but he fears more of the same in the future could put innocent people at risk.

"We have no ill feeling for the place. It’s just not a good thing," Lopez said. "Not for our church. Not for the community at this time."

FOX40 spoke to the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office, which is handling the investigation. At this point, they have no information on the thief, other than he was a male who was at this strip club late Monday night into the early morning.

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