Loma Rica Continues to Rebuild a Year After Cascade Fire

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LOMA RICA -- Monday will mark one year since the Cascade Fire ripped through the Yuba County community of Loma Rica.

Many residents there are still in the rebuilding process, unsure of what exactly caused that blaze.

"It's been a long year of trucks going by every day. Whether it's the cleanup crews or PG&E, the building contractors," Loma Rica resident Cheryl Irvine said. "It's been a long year and the community has really come together."

The Cascade Fire was part of the Wind Complex -- four different fires covering Yuba, Nevada and Butte counties. It made up a little more than half of the complex and was deemed the most destructive. The Cascade Fire killed four people, destroyed 142 homes and burned nearly 10,000 acres.

"Immediately after the fire, there were those who had fire insurance that were able to work through the process to begin rebuilding. A lot of those though didn't have fire insurance," Yuba County spokesman Russ Brown said. "So there is a lot of processes for making sure the land is clean, making sure people can get financing and get back on their feet and whether or not people choose to rebuild in an area that is prone to fires."

The district attorney's office is now reviewing the investigative report just completed on the Cascade Fire. If fault is determined, there could be criminal and-or civil action taken by both the county and the residents of Loma Rica.

Cal Fire did not respond to request for comment Wednesday.

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