‘Cancel Kavanaugh’ Protesters Take to the Capitol as FBI Investigation Comes to a Close

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SACRAMENTO -- Protesters spoke in unifying terms and in defiant ones in response to what now seems, in the wake of a newly-finished FBI investigation, like the likely confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

A coalition of women's groups and their supporters took to the west steps of the State Capitol for a "Cancel Kavanaugh" gathering, shouting out their support for those who've accused the longtime federal judge of sexual assault and misconduct.

Betty Danel says she protested on behalf of Anita Hill after Hill accused now Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of harassment. Seeing it happen again with claims by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and watching Kavanaugh's combative behavior as senators tried to sort it all out had the 80-year-old woman outraged.

"He's truly disgusting," Danel said.

Those who back the judge say the entire conflict has just become a tool for the midterms.

"We're in a kind of hyper-partisan era right now where people are really kind of trying to gin up their base and that's really what this is all about," said GOP political consultant Tab Berg.

As much as Nancy Danel agreed with the signs held high in the crowd, she opposed Kavanaugh long before any sexual assault accusations for a very personal reason. She fears he could be key to a reversal of Roe v. Wade.

"When I was a year and a half my mother had died from an illegal abortion, bled to death," Nancy Danel said. "And I didn't find that out 'til I was an adult. So these last few years it has really been important to me 'cause I just found things out."

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