Street Soccer Event Brings Fun to Sacramento While Addressing Issues Affecting the Homeless Community

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SACRAMENTO -- The Street Soccer USA National Cup is set to begin this weekend in Old Sacramento.

Sacramento Chapter director Lisa Wrightsman has been involved with the organization for years. Now, she's finally on the eve of hosting the National Cup in her hometown.

The games are just 14-minutes-long with teams of four, going back and forth in a high scoring game.

The National Cup has been held on Times Square in New York City, at the steps of the Rocky statue in Philadelphia, as well as in Union Square in San Francisco.

"We don’t care if it's Times Square or the Rocky steps, it's really about getting people together, bringing the community together behind soccer and lifting one another up," Wrightsman said. "We are using soccer to connect or reconnect with a lot of marginalized folks [experiencing] homelessness, mental illness, addiction to get them back part of a community."

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