Girlfriend of Man Shot, Hospitalized by Stray Bullet Speaks Out

STOCKTON -- The girlfriend of a man shot while out walking with his family in Stockton is speaking out for the first time.

Rebecca May says her boyfriend, 28-year-old Kevin Litz was shot by a stray bullet -- along with a 5-year-old boy and a 19-year-old.

Rebecca May gave birth just days before the shooting.

Kevin Litz, 28, Stockton shooting victim. Seen here holding his newborn daughter.

She says the family was out walking - and heard gunshots - that she says just barely missed her and Litz's 8-and-11-year-old daughters.

“If she would have gotten hit, I’m sure she wouldn’t have survived that,” said May referring to her baby girl. “She was four days old when Kevin got shot.”

When normally she’d be celebrating her bundle of joy - May has been at the hospital everyday - since her boyfriend was shot by a stray bullet.

“He wasn’t aware he got shot at first, he instantly held his back and that’s where the bullet went in,” May stated.

May says she was out on a family walk in her Stockton neighborhood along with her newborn, her boyfriend Kevin and his two kids on Monday when bullets came flying.

“She was in the stroller in front of me, so my first instinct was to hover over her trying to get his other two daughters on the ground,” May said.

That’s when she saw several others had been shot including a 5-year old boy. Police say a 19-year-old was also shot and later pronounced dead.

Police arrested 27-year-old Anthony Bradley Thursday in Nevada on an unrelated charge and a warrant in connection with the homicide and shootings.

As for litz, May says it will be a long road to recovery - but she’s thankful his children weren't hurt.

“Still in a lot of pain, breathing treatments, collapsed lung,” May expressed. “Kind of fortunate that he took the bullet but it’s a shame anyone had to get shot that night.”

Anthony Bradley, 27.

Police say although they've made an arrest they are still investigating the shooting.

Bradley is being held in the Washoe County jail in Nevada - awaiting extradition back to California - where he’ll be formally charged.