Car Crashes into Elk Grove Dance Studio Then Drives Off

ELK GROVE -- A car crashed into an Elk Grove dance studio before backing out and driving off while students and staff were inside.

It all happened around 9:30 p.m. Monday at the Elite Studio of Dance on Elk Grove Boulevard.

"It was a really big bang," said Jake McAuley. "At first I thought something blew up."

A car crashed through the dance studio and a neighboring business before driving away, leaving behind a path of destruction.

"I think it was just really shocking because our studio has been open for 15, 17 years I think now, and so we just didn't think something like this would happen," McAuley said.

Casey Harris, a teacher at the Elite Studio of Dance, says there were more than a dozen teenage students at the center when the car barrelled through. Fortunately, none were injured.

The room hit is normally used as a waiting space for parents and kids.

Now, police say they’re canvassing surveillance video in the area to see if the crash was accidental or intentional.

"I think the investigation has to be followed up with so we can find out whether or not they actually targeted that particular business for some reason or maybe they were driving recklessly and lost control," said Joshua Magdaleno with the Elk Grove Police Department.

While staff at the studio say they’re grateful no one was hurt, they’re hoping the person who caused the damage comes forward.

"It’s just kind of scary that there are people out there who would do things like that and then not really care to help," Harris said.

Staff did find a license plate while clearing up some of the debris and turned it over to investigators. If you know who is responsible call the police department.

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