Sac City College Students Troubled by Discovery of More Racist Graffiti on Campus

SACRAMENTO -- Racist vandalism was found at Sacramento City College for the second time in a week.

Police are investigating after students found swastikas drawn on a bulletin board in the South Gymnasium Monday morning.

"What do we do for our safety?" said Taylor McClure with the Black Student Union. "What are we supposed to do now?"

This comes just one week after death threats, racist slurs and more swastikas were found in a men's bathroom on campus.

"We were getting answers about how we can progress with the school and it just happened again so fast, it just made me real uncomfortable about being here," McClure told FOX40.

She’s now calling on administrators to take further action to address safety on campus.

College Vice President Michael Poindexter says he’s listening.

"Right now we don’t know who has done this at all," Poindexter said. "But we're going to make sure that they know that they can’t do that at Sacramento City College. We just do not allow hate on this institution."

Campus police are investigating both cases of vandalism but it’s unclear whether they’re connected. Right now, the school does not know if a student is behind the hateful graffiti.

Poindexter says he’ll be meeting with students in the coming days to talk about specific steps that can be taken to make them feel safer.

"They need to be putting more money into protecting our students as far as not only possibly putting gates around the school but also practicing active shooter attacks," McClure said.

If you know anything, call campus police.

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