Damage Done in Folsom Burglaries Cost Businesses More Than What Thieves Took

FOLSOM -- A specialty pet store and a butcher were burglarized early Tuesday in Folsom.

"They grabbed the cash drawer from each (point of sale) system," sBarkles owner Bob Campbell said.

Surveillance video from Adam's Meats, which sits right next door, shows two men rushing into the butcher shop after throwing a rock through the glass door.

Owner Adam Abramowski thinks the two men did their homework, running right to the cash drawers.

“It’s a lot of damage and they stole both boxes, printers were damaged and the barcode scanners," Abramowski said.

He says the sad part is that the thieves didn't even get away with much cash. Each drawer had just $12 inside.

“Everything is ATM, people use credit cards, people using their phone to pay," Abramowski said. "So nobody really uses much cash.”

There was actually more money in the tip jar, which was left spilled on the floor. None of the merchandise was taken.

"Getting one tri-tip would be more effective for them, a better deal than getting those money boxes because there’s nothing in it," Abramowski said.

But the damage done to both businesses hurts their bottom lines.

“Even just to put the plywood back on the door at 3 o’clock in the morning will cost you," Campbell said. "Cost us probably $650 or so."

Folsom Police are investigating, and ask anyone with information to give detectives a call.

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