Ettore’s Abruptly Closes Production Facility

SACRAMENTO -- Without notice, a Sacramento bakery owner is closing down its production facility, leaving dozens of employees without work.

Ettore’s Bakery and Cafe is closing its production facility that’s been in service for just over a year.

“Some families, it's like the husband and wife both work there, this is their sole income and now they are without a job?” employee Cassandra Ramirez said.

Ramirez has worked at Ettorre’s bakery production facility for the past eight months. She had no idea last night would be her final day of work. It wasn’t until a coworker showed up to the facility on West National Drive on Wednesday morning.

"Like, ‘Hey we can’t even get into production right now,’” Ramirez said. “OK, so they waited for the owner and they said it was the last day of production."

Ramirez is one of 45 employees now without a job.

“You could have given us a heads up," she said. "'We're not really sure guys. I think it's best if you kind of try to find something else.'"

But owner Ettore Ravazollo says he didn’t have much notice, himself.

“I just found out yesterday through my attorney that they said that we really have no choice than to shut down this facility," Ravazollo said.

Ravazollo has owned the production facility for six years and says shutting it down was a difficult decision.

“It breaks my heart. I mean I had sleepless nights,” Ravazollo said. “I mean many sleepless nights for that matter.”

Ravazollo says after expanding too quickly, the company filed for bankruptcy in April and since then closed their Roseville location and, Wednesday, their production facility.

Their six-year partnership with the Nugget supermarkets to sell their pastries is also coming to an end.

Ravazollo says while they are closing their production facility, they are going to be focusing on their flagship store. The bakery on Fair Oaks Boulevard will remain open.

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