Mother and Aunt of Turlock Teen Killed in Drive-By Shooting Speak Out for the First Time

TURLOCK -- The mother and aunt of an 18-year-old Turlock man killed in a drive-by shooting spoke out for the first time.

Police say Johnny Wilson was pronounced dead after he was shot and at a home on West Linwood Avenue Thursday night.

Johnny’s mother says he was a good person who just turned 18 and was planning on getting married.

Fighting through tears, Johnny’s mother, Carrie Vaught, said he may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“That was graduation day,” Karen Raymond said as she shared memories of her 18-year old nephew, Johnny Wilson.

“Johnny was a really good kid, as you could see he was very happy he smiled a lot,” Raymond said.

But now, instead of smiling, this family is mourning a loss.

“I got a phone call, last night at 9:20, telling me to tell Carrie that Johnny was dead,” said Raymond.

Raymond says she immediately tried to tell her sister over the phone, but the words couldn't come out.

“I didn’t want to tell her, I said ‘where are you Carrie? where are you?’ Then she went there, and they told her he was gone.”

Bullet holes can be seen at the home where Wilson was shot.

Raymond says there were several people standing on the porch at the time of the shooting, including children.

“My eldest son grabbed both babies and ran to the back,” Raymond stated.

When the gunfire stopped, “they just started calling out for Johnny,” Vaught said.

But there was no answer.

“He was the only one that was hit, but there were babies there,” Raymond expressed.

Now this mother is holding on to baby pictures and a strand of his hair she kept after he recently cut it off.

Making one last plea to the people who killed her son, Vaught said, “please come forward.” Raymond added, “say who did it and we can rest better.”

Police say they don’t have suspect information at this time or a car description but, if you know anything, you’re encouraged to call Turlock police.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page for Wilson's memorial.

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