Pedicab Business Owner Hopes to Bring Smiles to the Faces of United Cerebral Palsy Promgoers

STOCKTON -- The United Cerebral Palsy Prom is a fairytale night full of lights, glowing ladies in gowns and dapper gentlemen but one of the volunteers say University of the Pacific — where the prom is being hosted — has put a brake on the pedicab rides so many people love.

Elizabeth Wong Fontana is the owner of Pacific Pedicabs. She donated her services to the United Cerebral Palsy Prom at the university two years ago.

“It makes me very happy, it makes me want to do it every year and even make it bigger and better," Wong Fontana said.

She says UCP asked her once again to help make the night magical but it was an email she says she got Thursday that crushed her.

"When I received that email, I just felt like this is it. It’s over. No more fight. No nothing," Wong Fontana explained.

In the email, a UOP employee wrote that the department cannot approve her request to provide rides at next weekend’s prom citing the need for more insurance coverage.

"Bump it up to $2 million it’s just like, I’m already paying $1,500 a year for my premium," Wong Fontana said.

A university spokeswoman said the university’s contract is with United Cerebral Palsy not Pacific Pedicabs.

Hours after FOX40 spoke with the university's spokeswoman,  Wong Fontana received encouraging news.

The university called her and said that her insurance would be enough.

“I would really like to see that in writing,” Wong Fontana said.

She says she is now cautiously optimistic.

If the agreement goes through, she looks forward to seeing the happy, smiling faces of the prom-goers.

“To have these people be able to enjoy something so special, that makes me live through it," Wong Fontana explained.

The United Cerebral Palsy Organization told FOX40 in a statement:

“We’re very happy that Elizabeth will be able to be there that evening. Our clients love their experience in the pedicab with her.”


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