Popular Family-Owned Store Reopens in Modesto after Devastating Fire

MODESTO -- It was burned down, destroyed and reduced to ashes, but now Crescent Work and Outdoor in Modesto is back in a familiar neighborhood.

The Modesto store beloved by officers, firefighters and outdoor enthusiasts was back in business Monday on McHenry Avenue.

"The building that you’re standing in, we used to occupy for many, many, many years," said store co-owner Craig Stott. "So the community still kind of knows us.”

The soft launch came after a fire devastated the store last month.

"It’s been a long 30 days, long 30 days. I had hair when this started," Stott said, laughing.

With added humor, Stott said his family kept a positive outlook despite what was lost  -- the building, the inventory, everything.

Fellow community members, such as Aaron Kellums, donated office equipment, shelves and manpower.

"And I immediately thought, I’m like, 'Well, I imagine he got a million things on his plate.' So if I could do anything just to kind of help, maybe make things a little easier, why not?" Kellums told FOX40.

Vincent Acierto said he was happy to see it reopen. He hopes to share his love for the outdoors with his son.

"Nice to see that they’re still here and I like their values they have for us costumers. They, to me, feel like a mom-and-pop store," Acierto said.

But there will be some changes. The store will go by a new name.

"It’s now Crescent Supply, back to the original roots," Stott said.

A phoenix will also be seen as a reminder of all the good that has risen and is to come.

"You can’t look back, got to go forward. You got to go ... got to do what we do," Stott said.

Stott said many of their vendors have been impacted by hurricanes so it may take a couple of weeks until the entire store is fully restocked.

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