Disabled Veteran’s Missing Chihuahua Found after His Van was Stolen, Burned

Update Oct. 18: Reo has been found, according to the City of Yuba City. The two were reunited Oct. 18 in Minnesota.

YUBA CITY -- A 5-pound chihuahua was stolen from his owner, a disabled amputee Vietnam veteran.

Rex Shafer's white van was stolen from a Walmart lot on Sunday evening as his dog, Reo, sat inside.

The next day, the charred remnants of his van were discovered in a riverbed in Yuba County but there was no sign of Reo. Now, Yuba City police are asking for the public's help in finding Reo.

"I'm pretty depressed," Rex told FOX40 from a home in Minnesota. "I went through a period of time with no sleep or anything. I couldn't sleep, I was all worried over this deal."

Rex, who is also diabetic, said everything he owned was inside that van, from his insulin to $6,000 in cash. At the time he was moving from Minnesota to warmer weather in Tuscon.

But the most important thing he's without is Reo.

"I'm more sad about him being gone than anything else," Rex said.

"They kind of rescued each other," said Rex's sister, Ronda Rosenthal. "It's just unbelievable, inconceivable that they would steal a van from an amputee disabled veteran and take everything out of the van, even took the engine. They took the wheels. And then they took it down to the river bank and burned it."

A GoFundMe campaign was created by Rosenthal to help her brother.

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