Newly Appointed Sacramento County Registrar of Voters to Explain New Improvements to the Voting Process

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Mail-in ballots, drop boxes and delayed results caused a lot of confusion during the Sacramento Primary Election.

The county saw a 12 percent increase in voter turnout in the June 2018 primary versus 2014. They largely credit that to the expanded voting options, including mailing everyone a ballot.

However, processing those ballots took so long that two weeks after the June 2018 primary election there were still enough uncounted ballots that some races were too close to call.

The registrar’s office says processing mail-in and drop-off ballots took longer because signatures and authenticity had to be verified.

All Sacramento County voters should already have received their ballots in the mail. Right now voters can either mail in their ballots, drop their ballots in drop boxes across the county or vote in person at the Sacramento County Registrar's office Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Click through for a full list of  vote centers and ballot drop box locations in Sacramento County.

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