Police Warn Businesses About Spike in Crime Along K Street Corridor

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SACRAMENTO -- Wednesday night is the home opener for the Kings, which means a lot more people will be heading to downtown Sacramento in the months to come.

But at the same time, Sacramento police are warning about a spike in crime along the K Street corridor.

On the corner of 10th and K streets, lunchtime business was booming at The Grid restaurant Wednesday. Owner Mani Trewn explained he opened his family-owned restaurant just nine days after Bennigan’s shut down in the same location.

"This is a great corner location midway between the Convention Center and the Kings arena," Trewn said.

As the 2018-19 Kings season tips off Wednesday night, Trewn is expecting a boost during home game nights.

"We look forward to having people drop by before or after the game," Trewn said.

But Sacramento police admit crime on the K Street corridor has spiked in recent months, largely due to the number of homeless people living around the area.

"There has been activity related to drugs and there has been some challenges with mental health disorders," said Sacramento Police Sgt. Vance Chandler.

Police say one business owner was recently punched unprovoked. Other businesses told FOX40 off camera they’ve had windows smashed and feces plague their allies.

City leaders, like Vice Mayor Steve Hansen, say improving safety along K Street has been a priority. The city is looking to improve lighting downtown at night and to cut down police response times.

"I’ve talked to the chief, I’ve talked to the city manager and the mayor about adding more officers here to make sure everybody feels safe and happy," Hansen told FOX40.

While Trewn hasn’t been in business on K Street for very long, he says so far transients will leave the grid when asked. He adds often police will check in with his staff.

Trewn believes as revitalization continues in the area, crime will eventually drop.

"Yes, things can be turned around and I’m hoping for the best in downtown Sacramento here," he said.

One thing FOX40 heard a lot from city leaders was they want to hear about problems in the downtown area. They’re encouraging citizens who see something to say something.

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