Suisun City Man Pops the Question on the Pacific Crest Trail

SUISUN CITY -- It was a grueling six-month journey for Jessica Ostrowski and Adam Kelly, who just finished a trek of a lifetime along the Pacific Crest Trail.

But the 2,600-mile, border-to-border hike from Mexico to Canada was made more bearable after Kelly’s surprise marriage proposal on top of Mt. Whitney as the sun rose through the Sierra.

"Are you serious?" was Jessica’s immediate reaction.

The proposal brought cheers and applause from fellow hikers on the trail. Ostrowski accepted but couldn't remember her exact words when she spoke to FOX40 Thursday after she said she was overcome with emotion.

"I think I said yes," she said, laughing. "It was a blur."

Kelly, a commercial painter by trade, is not exactly the romantic type, which made the proposal all the more surprising.

"It's not really his thing. So for him to do that it was so romantic," Ostrowski said. "And we've had so many people tell him, 'Man, you messed it up for us guys, you set the bar so high.' And I was like, 'He really did.'"

The trip was an ideal test of compatibility because the two were together every day and night for six months. There weren’t any disagreements that couldn’t be worked out.

"Trusting each other. Having to work together," Ostrowski said. "Be partners. communicate well."

"If we could get that far without pushing each other off mountains," Kelly said.

A Lake Tahoe wedding has been planned. The honeymoon will be at Yellowstone National Park, where shorter hikes are on the agenda.

If you would like to see their Pacific Crest Trail journey, you can follow Ostrowski on Facebook or Instagram @thegirlgonewilderness.

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