Hopefuls Lineup at ‘Lucky Retailer’ Ahead of Mega Millions Drawing

SACRAMENTO -- The prize is so big, stores here can’t even fit it on their signs; it says $999 million but we’re really at a whopping $1 billion, and everyone wants their piece of the pie.

Lines stretched out the door at Lichine’s in Sacramento where dozens of winning tickets were sold; three with prizes over $1 million.

Waiting in line was well worth it for Robyn Sims.

“I think this is going to be it for me. I’m going to win it” Sims exclaimed.

Sims is buying Mega Millions tickets for the billion-dollar drawing; the second largest drawing in U.S. history.

“On the way over, I was thinking, 'how many family members do I need to share it with?' 'How far am I going to spread it out'” Sims said.

She knows the odds of winning aren’t exactly in her favor; roughly 300 million to one.

But it’s still fun to wonder, what would you do with the money?

Some in line said they'd share it, others would invest in their education, and some said they'd donate some of it.

For Geary Musselman, lottery tickets are about more than just winning.

“In the past, when my mom was alive, she’d love to come here and buy tickets,” said Musselman.

Four weeks after her death, he’s buying tickets in his mother’s honor; hoping she’ll bring him some extra luck.

“She’d always say, ‘if you don’t play you don’t have a shot,’” said Musselman.

The drawing is happening at 8 p.m. tonight.

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