HALLOWEEK: Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe While Trick-or-Treating

Jessica Briggs from Blog About It All is in the studio with some gadgets and advice to help keep kids safe on a night out of trick-or-treating.


1. Lights, Lights, & More Lights

It is so dark at night, being visible is so important.

  • Light up trick or treating bag or bucket
  • Light up costumes and accessories
  • Glow sticks
  • Led light up bracelets - brighter than glow sticks and last longer.
  • Reflective Products - wristbands, ankle bands, similar to what runners use.
  • Reflective Tape - you can put on trick-or-treating bags or even costumes.
  • Flashlight

2. Cell Phone & Portable Battery Charger

  • Discuss GPS Tracking Apps
  • iPhones already have the Find My Friends App, where you can share your location.
  • You can also call your cell phone provider and some have a family locator plan option.
    Other Apps
  • My Family GPS Tracker - free
  • Life 360 Family Locator - free
  • Family Locator by Sygic - free
  • GeoZilla - monthly fee (7-day free trial)
  • Our Pact - monthly fee
  • Safe24 - monthly fee

3. Knowledge - Have a family meeting to discuss safety.

  • Don't assume your children already know, go over safety tips
  • Adult Supervision/ Designated Chaperone
  • If you have older children going alone. Plan and review route, have a designated return time. Have a mid-point check-in plan.
  • Only go to homes with porch lights on. Never enter a home or car for a treat.
  • Make sure costumes fit properly no tripping, masks that don't limit or block sight, no sharp accessories.
  • Crossing the street safely, only at the crosswalk. Not assuming the right of way, making eye contact with driver making sure they see you.
  • No horseplay near the street.
  • Stay on the sidewalk, walk facing traffic.
  • Never cut across yards.
  • Checking candy with a parent before eating.