Adopt a Pet: Sally

Animal ID#: A573119
Dog Name: Sally
Dog Sex: Female
Approximate Age: 10 years
Dog Size: M
A Little About Me: I am a total rock star and not sure how anyone wouldn't fall for me instantly. I have lovely manners, not in to all that puppy fuss and behavior because I am mature and done with that crazy stage. I am all about manners, so if you want a dog who is all-around amazing, I am your number one gal. Check me out today and see for yourself just how perfect I am.
In-home Information: Housebroken
I participate in shelter playgroups with: Gentle and light play dogs
Walk Rating: Walks well, needs reminders to check in with handler
Snuggle Rating: Lives for snuggling
Type of Learner: Is ready and eager to learn
Energy Level : Medium energy blend, needs some play prior to relaxation
Manner Level: I enjoy meeting new people and do so in a calm manner
My motivation is: Treat motivated
Known Skills: Sit, Watch Me
Personality: Rockstar, not much rocks my boat, handles new situations well