Suspects Break into 86-Year-Old Woman’s Modesto Home, Rob Her at Gunpoint

MODESTO -- Two people who are suspected of injuring and robbing an 86-year-old woman in Modesto were still at large Thursday.

Families who live near Boise Avenue and Dezzani Lane say the neighborhood has always been rough. But they say what three suspected robbers did to an 86-year-old woman early Sunday morning was spineless.

"That was cowardly, you know, that’s what I would say about that," said neighbor Ron Lloyd.

At the victim’s home a window remains boarded up after Modesto Police investigators say the woman woke up to glass breaking around 3 a.m. then heard strangers inside her home.

"She tried to hide in the room and call 911 and they forced their way in and demanded money," said Modesto Police Department spokeswoman Sharon Bear.

Investigators say the three males robbed the woman at gunpoint and also injured her.

A neighbor off-camera says the suspects ditched the gun in their backyard.

"Kind of get used to it a little bit but it bothers you. It's scary," Lloyd said.

Many families FOX40 spoke to say several homes have been burglarized over the years.

"Every house. It seems like as soon as somebody moves in they get broken into," Lloyd explained.

Some say more police presence is needed. For Lloyd, crime is a reality he’s learned to live with.

"Just got to be alert," he said.

Officers are still searching for the other two suspected robbers. If you have any information please contact the police department or Crime Stoppers.