Franklin Boulevard Bridge Closed Throughout the Weekend Due to Safety Concerns

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY -- Caltrans deemed the bridge off of Franklin Boulevard unsafe and because engineers won't be able to assess the damage until Monday, it will be closed at least throughout the weekend.

It's a short bridge off the beaten path of Interstate 5 in Sacramento County, which some motorists travel to avoid commute traffic.

But Friday afternoon, Caltrans told Sacramento County the bridge was unsafe.

"County crews had to shut down the road from Twin Cities, down to Desmond because in the middle of the stretch on Franklin, is the bridge that Caltrans considered to be deficient," Matt Robinson, Sacramento County spokesman, explained.

Caltrans regularly inspects bridges over waterways and railroad crossings in the county.

After Monday's inspection with engineers, they should know the extent of damage.

"And [Caltrans] will decide whether or not it'll be a quick fix, or will it have to be rebuilt from scratch," Robinson said.

Rebuilding the bridge, being the worst case scenario, would take months.

Fortunately, Robinson says, it's not a heavily traveled bridge like the one in Rio Linda, which just reopened today after a two-month closure.

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