Couple Wounded in Shooting Outside Stockton Bar, Leaving Neighbors on Edge

STOCKTON -- Two people were wounded in a shooting at a Stockton bar just blocks away from San Joaquin Delta College.

On Sunday, it was all quiet at the intersection of West Longview and Pacific avenues. It was a big difference from earlier in the day, when police say two people were hit by bullets in the parking lot of The Hideout bar.

Officers say a wife and husband reported hearing gunfire around 1:30 a.m. before realizing they were hit.

"At that location our officers have responded out there numerous times to different types of disturbances," said Joe Silva with the Stockton Police Department.

A nearby homeowner, who did not feel comfortable identifying herself, said she hears gunfire often outside her home. She also said the crowds coming from late night parties hosted at the bar often cause problems.

"Last night I had people having sex in my flowerbeds and I called the police on that," she said. "There were three men urinating in my yard by my hedge and I think that’s just a little bit too far."

Neighbors say they've even had stray bullets hit their cars.

"They got a bunch of guns and they were out shooting that night and they shot the side of my suburban," the woman said.

Police say the couple who was shot did not cooperate when asked about a suspect description. Now officers are hoping increased patrols will help stop the problem.

"Figure out what is happening in that parking lot at that bar just to make sure everybody in the neighborhood is safe," Silva said.

FOX40 asked a manager at the bar about the shooting but were told “no comment.”

If you have any information call Stockton police.

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