Yuba County Deputy Honored with Medal of Valor after Shootout at Pot Grow

YUBA COUNTY -- Four CHP officers and a Yuba County Sheriff’s deputy were honored with the Medal of Valor, the highest honor the governor can bestow on a public safety officer.

Yuba County Deputy Dan Harris was recognized for his act of selflessness during a 2017 shootout at an illegal marijuana grow site in Oregon House, Yuba County.

“Being involved in a shootout was the last thing on my mind or wasn't even prepared for that. It was obvious, I was wearing shorts and a polo shirt during the incident,” Deputy Harris said.

Nevertheless, he pulled sheriff’s Deputies Phillip Bronson and Andrew Everhart from a home after they had been shot three times each by a gunman.

Deputy Harris performed first aid while they waited for ambulances to arrive.

“I just hope any other deputies that are involved in those situations that they are trained and prepared and would react in a similar way,” added Harris.

It’s possible that the way Deputy Harris reacted on that chaotic August day is why Deputy Bronson was able to join him for Monday's ceremony.

“He’s probably one of the bravest men I ever met,” Bronson said.

Remembering the details of that harrowing day, Deputy Bronson also echoed the uncertainty each day brings for first responders.

The other four honorees were CHP officers with the Golden Gate Air Operations Division. CHP Officers Agdeppa, Gavitte, Loe, and Millward were also awarded with the Medal of Valor.

In two teams, the officers flew rescue missions during last year’s Atlas Fire in Napa County, saving a total of 41 lives from certain death.

There was a total of 41 nominees this year for the Medal of Valor. There have now been 103 recipients in the award’s 15-year history.

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