Vacant Modesto Lot to Become Hub for Food Trucks

MODESTO -- An empty lot at 9th and G streets in Modesto is on its way to becoming a hub for food trucks.

"Food trucks aren’t going away, you know. That's not a trend that’s going to be going away anytime soon. So it’s nice that creativity is going over there," neighbor Brandon Parrott said.

The so-called food truck food court will be home to more than a dozen mobile dining spots and some hopeful diners are already putting in their requests.

"I'm hoping for a good variety, not just a bunch of taco trucks," Parrott said.

And the property owner says food truck owners are already expressing interest. There are also plans for a wine and beer garden and a stage for live entertainment.

"I think it will be a good draw," neighbor Diane Garman said. "People love to come downtown and downtown is starting to revamp itself and come back to life like it was years ago."